Lantern Alkaline Battery

Lantern Alkaline Battery

Product Descriptions Product Name: Lantern Alkaline Battery Model Number: 4LR25 Alkaline Battery Nominal Voltage: 6V Weight: 853.5(g) Dimension: 67*67*115(mm) 2. Characteristic Capacity The capacity of alkaline batteries is higher than that of carbon batteries because the manganese dioxide used...

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  1. Product Descriptions

    Product Name: Lantern Alkaline Battery

       Model Number: 4LR25 Alkaline Battery 

       Nominal Voltage: 6V

       Weight: 853.5(g)

       Dimension: 67*67*115(mm)

 2. Characteristic


The capacity of alkaline batteries is higher than that of carbon batteries because the manganese dioxide used as a cathode has a higher purity and density, and the internal parts are thinner (for example, electrodes), giving room to increase capacity and total More than 3 to 5 times more capacity than carbon batteries. However, the capacity of alkaline batteries will decrease as the output current increases. For example, the same battery can have a capacity of 3000mAh at low output current, but only 700mAh when used at a negative load of 1A. The original 1/4.


The electromotive force (e.m.f.) of a single alkaline cell, that is, the voltage at which it is not loaded, is typically 1.5V, but varying between 1.5V and 1.65V with different manganese dioxide and zinc oxide. When the load is connected, the voltage will drop as the output current increases, and the voltage will drop to about 1.1V to 1.3V under normal load.


Alkaline batteries can output current than the carbon-zinc batteries, but smaller than the average battery. A larger alkaline battery can output a larger current due to an increase in the area of the electrode, and more substances can simultaneously generate a chemical reaction. Excessive current causes the battery to warm up during discharge. Generally, the AA battery can output 700 mA current without significant temperature increase, while the larger C and D batteries can withstand larger current without significant temperature increase.

 3. Introductions

Alkaline batteries are successful high-capacity dry batteries and are also one of the most cost-effective batteries. Alkaline batteries are manganese dioxide cathode, zinc anode, potassium hydroxide electrolyte. Its characteristics than carbon batteries to the excellent, large capacity. Chemical formula: Zn + MnO2 + H2O → Mn (OH) 2 + ZnO.

 4. Why Choose Us?

Q. What is your MOQ?

A. For trial and samples, small quantities are accepted but generally it is 10,000 pieces and 100,000 pieces for OEM requests.


Q. Do you make custom products?

A. Yes, we offer OEM/ODM solutions for our customers. The OEM MOQ is 100,000 pieces.

Q. How long does it take for the production?

A. Around 20-25 days.


Q. What is the inquiry reply time?

A. We will be replying your inquiry ASAP within 6 hours and we kindly remind you that our local office time is set according to GMT +8 Beijing Time.

Q. What is your lead time?

A. Around 2-3 days for samples, 7-20 working days for production.


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