CR14335E 900mAh Battery

CR14335E 900mAh Battery

1. Product Descriptions Product Name: CR14335E 900mAh Battery 2. Product Features l High-voltage(3.6) l The specific energy(500wh/kg) and energy density(1000wh/dm3) are very high l The discharge voltage is very stable l Wide working temperature range(-55 ℃ ~150 ℃ ) l Self-discharge is very low,...

Product Details

1. Product Descriptions

Product Name: CR14335E 900mAh Battery



Nominal capacity


Nominal voltage


Max. Recommended continuous current


Max. Pulse capability


Operating temperature range




Shipping ways



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2. Product Features


The specific energy(500wh/kg) and energy density(1000wh/dm3) are very high

The discharge voltage is very stable

Wide working temperature range(-55~150)

Self-discharge is very low, the shelf life can be more than 10 years


3. Product Applications

Memory backup:  CMOS memory, RTC(real time clock) and computer backup.

AMR utility meters:  Electricity meter, gas meter and water meter etc.

Wireless alarm sensors:  Smoke alarm systems, temperature monitors etc.

Remote monitor systems:  GPS, sea buoys, GMS, life craft lights,  etc.

Automotive and electronics:  Automotive security systems, LED,etc.

Electronics toll tags:  Toll gates

Military electronics:  Radio communication, night vision equipment, underwater weapon,etc. 


4. Why Choose Us?

 High energy density ;

 High and stable operating voltage ;

 Wide operating temperature range ;

 Low self discharge rate;

 Long shelf life ;

 Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing ;

 Non-flammable electrolyte ;

 Stainless steel can and cover ;

 UL,CE,SGS and ISO9001:2008 recognized.



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