LiFePO4 12V 100Ah Battery Pack

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LiFePO4 12V 100Ah Battery Pack for Solar System

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Product Details

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Product Information

SpecificationName100Ah 12V LifePO4 Battery PACK
Output voltage6.6V-12.6V
Nominal voltage12V
Nominal capacity100AH
Packing PVC
Max current20A
Max peak current10~20A
Max charging voltage12V±0.05V
Dischaeging End Voltage 2.35V±0.05V
Operating TemperatureCharge -10~45℃
Discharge -10~60℃

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Battery Knowledge

1. What is the discharge efficiency?

Discharge efficiency refers to the ratio of the actual amount of electricity discharged to the rated voltage under a certain discharge condition and the rated capacity. It is mainly affected by factors such as discharge rate, ambient temperature, internal resistance, etc. Under normal circumstances, the higher the discharge rate, The lower the discharge efficiency. The lower the temperature, the lower the discharge efficiency.

2. What is the output power of the battery?

The output power of a battery refers to the ability to output the amount of energy per unit of time. It is calculated based on the discharge current I and the discharge voltage, P = U * I, in watts.

The smaller the internal resistance of the battery, the higher the output power, the internal resistance of the battery should be less than the internal resistance of the appliance, otherwise the power consumed by the battery itself is greater than the power consumed by the appliance, which is uneconomical and may damage the battery.

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