Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack 12V 50Ah

Customized Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack 12V 50Ah

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Customizable large capacity starter power lithium iron phosphate battery pack 12V 50Ah

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Product Descriptions

Model Number: 12V 50Ah LifePO4 Battery Pack

Nominal Capacity: 50Ah

Nominal Voltage: 12V

Battery Size: 193*162*155mm

Battery Type: LifePO4 Battery

Warranty: 1 Years

Product Applications: Automobiles, kayaks, cranes, inverters, power energy, and household appliances etc...

Can be customized: Yes

Rechargeable Battery: Yes

Applicable type: Electric car

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Product Features

Safety seal (In normal operation, electrolyte does not leak out of the battery terminals or housing.)


There is no free acid (a special suction separator keeps the acid inside and there is no free acid inside the battery, so the battery can be placed anywhere.)


Easy to maintain (Because the unique gas composite system converts the generated gas into water, no water is added during the use of the battery.)


Long service life (lead-calcium alloy with anti-corrosion structure, battery can be used for 10-15 years.)


Stable quality, high reliability (advanced production technology and strict quality control system, stable battery quality, reliable performance, 100% inspection of voltage, capacity and seal on line.)


Product Applications

Backup Power (1. Telecommunications 2. Solar System 3. Electronic Switch System 4. Communication Equipment: Base Station, PBX, CATV, WLL, ONU, STB, Cordless Telephone, etc. 5. Backup Power: UPS, ECR, Computer Backup System, Sequence 6. Emergency equipment: emergency lights, flashlights, fire alarms, fire dampers)


Main power supply (1. Communication equipment: Transceiver 2. Electric power control locomotive: Acquisition vehicle, automatic transport vehicle, electric wheelchair, cleaning robot, electric vehicle, etc. 3. Machine tool starter: lawnmower, hedge trimmers, cordless drill, Electric screwdrivers, electric sleds, etc. 4. Industrial equipment/instruments 5. Cameras: Flash, VTR/VCR, movie lights, etc.)

Other portable devices, etc.

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Customizable Products

A-This product consists of 50Ah12v-200Ah12V capacity. Different capacity prices are not the same.

B-We need to know what you use to quote.

C-The custom battery is made of lithium iron phosphate.

D-4-string X-combination. The voltage is between 12-14.8V.

E-Because different applications use different protection board solutions, you need to inform us of the use.



Customized 1


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The P_O bonds in the lithium iron carbonate crystals are stable and hard to decompose, and even at high temperatures or overcharges, they do not collapse like heat or form strong oxidizing substances like lithium cobalt oxide, and therefore have good safety.


②Longer life

Lithium iron phosphate power battery, cycle life of more than 2000 times


③High temperature resistance

Lithium iron phosphate electric peak up to 350 ~ C-500C and lithium manganese oxide lithium cobalt oxide is only about 200 ~ C. A wide range of work (20C-75C), with high temperature characteristics of lithium iron phosphate electric peak can reach 350C-5500C and lithium niobate is only about 200C.


Customized 2

Customized Voltage 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V etc...



Customized 3

Can increase battery protection board


Customized 4

Can add posts



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