24V 4000mAh Battery Pack Ni-MH

F Size 24V 4000mAh Battery Pack Ni-MH

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Rechargeable F Size 24V 4000mAh Battery Pack Ni-MH

Product Details

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Battery Knowledge

1) How to control the water inside the battery during the production process?

1. Make moisture and moisture proof treatment.

2. Shorten the operation time and reduce the exposure time of the pole piece in the air.

3. Perform baking operations reasonably and correctly. Try to work in a dry environment.

2) What are the main characteristics of the commonly used secondary battery?

It mainly includes voltage, internal resistance, capacity, energy density, internal pressure, self-discharge rate, cycle life, sealing performance, safety performance, storage performance, appearance, etc. Others include overcharge, overdischarge, and corrosion resistance.

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