AA Ni-MH Battery Pack 3.6V

AA Ni-MH Battery Pack 3.6V 2000mAh

Product Details

High Quality Rechargeable AA Ni-MH Battery Pack 3.6V

Product Details

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Product Information

Battery Voltage: 3.6V 

Capacity: 2000mAh/ 2.0Ah

Type: Ni-MH Battery Pack

Battery Cell: Samsung, Sony, LG, CEBA...

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Battery Knowledge

What are the battery safety test items?

01) Short circuit test

02) Overcharge and over discharge test

03) Withstand voltage test

04) Impact test

05) Vibration test

06) Heating test

07) Fire test

09) Variable temperature cycle test

10) Trickle charge test

11) Free fall test

12) Low air pressure test

13) Forced discharge test

15) Hot plate test

17) Thermal shock test

19) Acupuncture test

20) Squeeze test

21) Heavy impact test

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