2007 Camry Hybrid Battery

2007 XV40 Camry Hybrid Battery Ni-MH 6500mAh 245V

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2007 XV40 Camry Hybrid Battery

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Product Details




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Approximate Weight(kg)36
Typical Capacity(mAh)6500
Nominal Capacity(mAh)6000
Nominal Voltage(V)245
Peak Discharge(30C discharge for 10S)Voltage≥163.2V
Peak Charge(15C charge for 10S)Voltage≤340.0V
Continuous Discharge(15C discharge for 60S)Voltage≥183.6V
Specific Power≥1000W/kg

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Use Cautions of Battery Pack

  1. Ensure the normal operation of car management system during the sue process, and forbid over-charge and over-discharge to battery.

  2. As storage battery is charged by gasoline engine, so external power supply charge is not needed. However, if the vehicle parks for a long time, the electricity og high power storage battery will run out. Therefore, be sure to drive the car for at least 30minutes or 16Km every several months.

  3. If there is leaked liquid, don't touch the spilled liquid, because this may be the please flush with plenty of water at once, or if possible, wash with boric acid solution and see the doctor at once.

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