202V Prius Hybrid Car Battery Pack

Ni-MH 6500mAh 202V Prius Hybrid Car Battery Pack

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202V Prius Hybrid Car Battery Pack

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Product Details

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What is the difference between the various rechargeable batteries that are currently common?

At present, nickel-cadmium, nickel-hydrogen, and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are widely used in various portable electrical equipment (such as notebook computers, video cameras, and mobile phones), and each rechargeable battery has its own unique chemical properties. The main difference between nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen batteries is that nickel-hydrogen batteries have higher energy density. Compared with the same model battery, NiMH battery capacity is twice that of nickel-cadmium battery. This means that the use of NiMH batteries can greatly extend equipment operating time without adding extra weight to power equipment. Another advantage of nickel-metal hydride batteries is that A greatly reduces the "memory effect" problem that exists in cadmium batteries, making nickel-metal hydride batteries more convenient to use. Ni-MH batteries are more environmentally friendly than nickel-cadmium batteries because they have no toxic heavy metal elements inside. Li-ion has also quickly become the standard power source for portable devices. Li-ion can provide the same energy as NiMH batteries, but it can reduce the weight by about 35%. This is a power device for cameras and laptops. It is crucial. Li-ion's lack of "memory effect" and the absence of toxic substances is also an important factor in making it a standard power source.

The discharge efficiency of nickel-metal hydride batteries will be significantly reduced at low temperatures. Generally, the charging efficiency will increase with the increase of temperature, but when the temperature rises above 45 °C, the performance of the rechargeable battery material will deteriorate at high temperature, and the cycle life of the battery will be degraded. It will also be greatly shortened.

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