288V Lexus GS450H Hybrid Car Battery

1 Year Warranty Replacement Ni-MH 288V Lexus GS450H Hybrid Car Battery

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Replacement Ni-MH 288V Lexus GS450H Hybrid Car Battery

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Product Details

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Battery Knowledge

1. What is the rate discharge of the battery? What is the hourly rate discharge of the battery?

The rate discharge refers to the relationship between the discharge current (A) and the rated capacity (A•h) at the time of discharge. Hour rate discharge is the number of hours required to discharge the rated capacity at a certain output current.

2. Why do you need to heat the battery as necessary during winter shooting?

Since the battery in the digital camera is too low in temperature, the activity of the active material is greatly reduced, which may not provide the normal working current of the camera, so the outdoor shooting is particularly low in the temperature region.

Pay attention to the warmth of the camera or battery.

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