ER14250 1200mAh Battery

ER14250 1200mAh Battery Model Number: ER14250 Nominal Capacity: 1200mAh

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ER14250 1200mAh Battery

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Model number

ER14250 Battery

Product type

ER Battery

Nominal capacity


Open circuit range


Max. Pulse capability



Product Overview
Negative electrode of lithium thionyl chloride battery is metal Li, inside the cathode active material and the electrolyte solution is thionyl chloride, it is all in actual use of chemical power sources in the highest specific energy and capacity, as a new energy system, is widely used in many modern electronic equipment, Fu battery special design and production, with many of their own patented technology in the design and manufacture, can make the cell performance optimization.


Main features:
-High and stable operating voltage
The standard voltage is 3.6V and the working voltage keeps obvious stability during the whole service life. More than 90% of the battery capacity is output on the high voltage platform with almost the same voltage.
-Wide range of use of temperature
It can be used between -60 C and 85 C.
-Better storage life and reliability
With special low self discharge characteristics, self discharge rate is less than 1% years, while the shell made of stainless steel and metal glass hermetic welded structure, so the battery warranty card is under the condition of room temperature can be stored for more than 10 years
-Good safety, no pollution
No heavy metals, such as mercury, cadmium, lead, etc., have no environmental hazards


Product Applications
Security wireless sevices and alarms, cash registers, medical devices, mobile asset tracking, electronic meters (i.e. gas, water, electricity), automotive telematics, vehicle tracking devices, ETC (Electronic Toll Collection Systems), TPMS, drilling apparatus etc.


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A. Around 2-3 days for samples, 7-20 working days for production.

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A. Please kindly send us an email specifying the items, quantity or other specifications to place an order.

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A. We will be replying your inquiry ASAP within 6 hours and we kindly remind you that our local office time is set according to GMT +8 Beijing Time.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?
A. We offer 1 year of warranty for our products.

Q. What is your guaranteed shelf life for batteries?
A. 10 years of shelf life for Ultra Digital Alkaline, 5 years for Super Alkaline, 3 years for Extra Heavy Duty and 2 years for Super Heavy Duty batteries.

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