1000mAh ER Battery

1000mAh ER Battery Product Features:It's higher than energy. Up to 730Wh/l.Longer service life and long-term reliability.

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1000mAh ER Battery

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Product Descriptions
Product Name: 1000mAh ER Battery



Model number

ER32L065 Battery

Nominal capacity


Open circuit voltage


Max. Pulse capability


Operating temperature


Product Brand



Product Features
It's higher than energy. Up to 730Wh/l.
The working voltage is high. The open circuit voltage is 3.65V and the operating voltage is 3.6V, which is almost higher than the operating voltage of all other types of disposable batteries.
The most extensive range of temperature. It is usually able to work between -55~+125 degrees C. However, in order to improve the capacity (high capacity), the carbon package is usually +85 C, and the winding type is +80 C. Some models can reach higher temperatures, such as high temperature batteries (150 degrees centigrade), for special occasions.

Longer service life and long-term reliability.
Good safety, high environmental protection. The carbon encapsulated cell cathode is cylindrical and the anode is extruded into the inner wall of the shell. When there is an unexpected short-circuit phenomenon, the discharge current is relatively low, and the shell temperature is not greater than 120 degrees, without leakage or deformation. By strict balance design, the battery can improve the safety in the normal use of large current. If the external short circuit, the safety device PTC will limit the current, and can guarantee the discharge in the normal safety range.


Product Applications
Security wireless sevices and alarms, cash registers, medical devices, mobile asset tracking, electronic meters (i.e. gas, water, electricity), automotive telematics, vehicle tracking devices, ETC (Electronic Toll Collection Systems), TPMS, drilling apparatus etc.

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Q. What is your MOQ?
A. For trial and samples, small quantities are accepted but generally it is 10,000 pieces and 100,000 pieces for OEM requests.

Q. Do you make custom products?
A. Yes, we offer OEM/ODM solutions for our customers. The OEM MOQ is 100,000 pieces.

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A. Two weeks (14 days).

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A. We offer EXW, FOB and CIF.

Q. What is your terms of payment?
A. 30% in advance as deposit and 70% before the delivery as the balance payment.

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A. For the samples it usually takes around 7-10 days, and 25-30 days for regular orders but we kindly remind you that shipping or airline schedules may differ from each other.

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