ER26500M 6000mAh Battery

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Product Details

Product Descriptions
Product Name: ER26500M 6000mAh Battery



Model number

ER26500M Battery

Nominal capacity


Max. Pulse capability


Operating temperature


Product type

ER Battery

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Application Areas
-Memory and backup power supply: memory backup, clock power, data backup power and so on.
-Intelligent meter: intelligent meter, water meter, gas meter, hot meter and so on.
-Wireless alarm / sensor: smoke alarm, temperature monitor and so on;


Product Features
Wide operating temperature range (-40°C ~ +85°C), up to 600Wh/Kg energy density, extremely low self-discharge rate, flat discharge characteristics, contains no cadmium, mercury or lead


Our Company

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Welcome to CEBA

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Production Process

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Shipping and Packing

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Why Choose Us?
Q. Do you make custom products?
A. Yes, we offer OEM/ODM solutions for our customers. The OEM MOQ is 100,000 pieces.

Q. How long is your trial period for samples.
A. Two weeks (14 days).

Q. What is your sample policy.
A. We send the samples for free yet the delivery fees must be covered by the customer.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?
A. We offer 1 year of warranty for our products.

Q. What is your guaranteed shelf life for batteries?
A. 10 years of shelf life for Ultra Digital Alkaline, 5 years for Super Alkaline, 3 years for Extra Heavy Duty and 2 years for Super Heavy Duty batteries.

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