A new market brought about by the decline in battery costs
- Apr 03, 2018 -

A new market brought about by the decline in battery costs

SMM network news: Benefit from the increase of scale effect and technology improvement, the cost of power lithium battery is showing a declining trend, which not only helps the promotion of new energy vehicles in China, but also opens up a new application market. The electric forklift industry is one of them.


Lead-acid batteries have been the main source of power for industrial vehicles, especially electric forklifts, before power lithium batteries have been widely used. At that time, the price of lithium batteries used on forklifts was about 4,000 yuan per kWh, while that of lead-acid batteries was about 1,000 yuan per kWh. With the continuous expansion of the lithium production scale, the price of power lithium batteries has gradually dropped to around 1600 yuan per kWh, while the price of some energy storage batteries is around 1100 yuan per kWh. The price of power lithium batteries has been drastically reduced, making it possible to use lithium batteries in electric forklift trucks.


However, due to the current production of power lithium-ion batteries are mostly aimed at the field of electric vehicles and energy storage, specifically the size of the lithium batteries for the development and manufacture of forklifts in the corresponding size specifications are not many, so the scale effect in this area has not yet apparent At present, the cost per kWh is still slightly higher than that of lead-acid batteries. However, because the power lithium battery has the advantages of reliable quality, small size, light weight, light weight, and convenient management and maintenance, in particular, the electrical conversion rate of lithium batteries is significantly higher than that of lead-acid batteries, and the actual use cost is likely to be achieved with lead in the near future. The level of acid batteries is flat, and it can be inferred that the “lithium-electricity” of the forklift industry has become a major trend in the industry.


Although many people are aware of this, the lithium battery market for electric forklifts is turbulent. As the forklift manufacturers are not familiar with the lithium battery industry, they do not understand the battery type, performance, brand, and make some unscrupulous traders have an opportunity. It will also cause the industry to enter a disorderly development status for some time.


To promote the “lithium-electricity” of the forklift industry, it is not only necessary for lithium-ion battery manufacturers to launch targeted products, expand the application of lithium batteries in the forklift industry, but also require the forklift companies to further understand the battery performance and select products that are “reliable”.