About the button cell
- Apr 02, 2018 -

About the button cell:


Button cell have two different types: Rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

The recharge includes a rechargeable li-ion button battery with 3.6V (LIR series), rechargeable li-ion button battery with 3V (ML or VL series), non-rechargeable includes Li-Mno2 button cell with 3V (CR series) and Alkaline zinc manganese button cell with 1.5V ,(LR and SR series)


The more common button cells are used to toys and gifts, such as:AG3, AG10, AG13

CR2032 is used to CMOS of the computer main board. , CR2025 is used to electronic dictionary, CR2016 ,SR44,SR626 are used to electronic watch


The English letter in front of the button battery is the type of battery , the number is size.

The first two digits represent the diameter, the latter two represent thickness, the common are 6FZZ(9V),F22(6V),15F20(22.5V),10A(9V),11A(6V),23A(12V),25A(9V),26A(6V),27A(12V) etc..


Button batteries have been widely used in a variety of micro  electronic products because of their small size., such as, computer main board, electronic dictionary, electronic watch, electronic toys etc..

The voltage of the disposable button battery is 3V,the termination voltage is 2V.


Battery with soldered or battery with pins is used to small electronics, digital products, medical devices etc..