Accelerating the distribution of China's lead-acid battery market.
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Accelerating the distribution of China's lead-acid battery market.

1. The merger and reorganization expands the scope of business. Foreign capital through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises to enter China lead-acid battery industry. Foreign capital, technology and management to enter the Chinese market, but also to promote China's industrial technology and competitiveness of the improvement.

2. Increase the strength of technology research and development. Multinational companies in China to invest more emphasis on technology research and Development, in China, the research investment is more and more big. Lead-acid battery industry multinational companies to enter China more with the development of local China, has a long history or more advanced enterprises to carry out a strong joint strategy, in order to gradually expand the development, occupy the domestic market.

3. Implementation of local management. Multinational companies to implement the globalization strategy, and actively promote the localization strategy, whether employees or operating mode, or even suppliers, almost 100% of the localization of management. This can reduce production costs, close to users, on-site supply of products and services, the formation of an industrial supply chain; On the other hand, through the use of advanced management concepts to optimize the management model, can improve the operating efficiency of enterprises to better access to the Chinese market.

4. Control the core technology. Market competition is essentially a contest of modern technology and a competition of technological innovation. Transnational corporations dominate the key elements of product standards and core technologies in the process of industrial chain division transfer. And through increasing the investment in research and development, enhance their own technical innovation capabilities, the use of new materials and technology to develop new environmentally friendly products, occupy the technical commanding heights, improve the key core technology monopoly degree, in order to obtain high profits.