Conductive hole through hole and guide hole
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Conductive hole Via hole and auteur hole, in order to meet customer requirements, the circuit board must guide hole plug hole, after a lot of practice, change the traditional aluminum plug hole process, complete the PCB board face with white net resistance welding and plug hole.Stable production and reliable quality.

Via hole leads to connect the link and the development of the electronic industry, as well as promote the development of PCB, it also requires higher requirements for the printing plate making process and surface sticking technology.Via hole plug hole technology comes into being, and the following requirements should be met:

(1) there is copper in the guide hole, which can not be plugged.

(2) there must be tin lead in the guide hole, with a certain thickness requirement (4 micron), and no resistance welding ink shall be inserted into the hole to cause the tin beads in the hole;

(3) the guide hole must have resistance welding ink plug hole, no light transmission, no tin ring, tin bead and flat requirements.