How to choose batteries?
- Jan 19, 2018 -

(1) First of all, according to the requirements of electrical appliances, choose battery type and size, and according to the power consumption size and characteristics, decide to buy which type of battery, is a rechargeable battery or a battery (that is, not rechargeable batteries), such as large power consumption such as MP3, digital cameras, Electric shaver and high-grade electrical appliances, such as the general use of alkaline zinc manganese batteries, remote control, electronic clock, such as small power consumption of the general use of carbon batteries can meet the requirements;

(2) Preferred battery Industry Management department recommended products, the purchase of regular production enterprises, High-quality brand-name batteries;

(3) Pay attention to the shelf life of the battery, according to national standards, the battery should be in the battery body (common bottom) using the generation of the battery to indicate the shelf life;

(4) Pay attention to look at the appearance of the battery, there are no signs of leakage, such as leakage can never be put into the electrical appliances, lest cause electrical damage;

(5) Trademarks should be marked manufacturer, battery polarity, battery model, nominal voltage, trademarks, etc., to buy alkaline manganese batteries should be seen model or have no alkaline or LR words.