Hybrid Car
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Hybrid Car

Broadly speaking, a hybrid vehicle refers to a vehicle in which a vehicle drive system is a combination of two or more single drive systems that can operate simultaneously. The power of the vehicle is determined by the individual drive system alone or according to the actual state of travel of the vehicle. Jointly provided.

The so-called hybrid vehicle generally refers to a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), which uses a conventional internal combustion engine (diesel engine or gasoline engine) and an electric motor as a power source, and some engines have been modified to use other alternative fuels. Examples include compressed natural gas, propane and ethanol fuels.

With the increasingly stringent environmental protection measures in various countries in the world, hybrid vehicles have become a focus of research and development for automobiles due to their features of energy saving and low emissions, and they have begun commercialization.

Electric power systems used in hybrid vehicles include highly efficient motors, generators, and batteries. Lead-acid batteries, nickel-manganese-hydride batteries, and lithium batteries are used in batteries, and hydrogen fuel cells should be used in the future.