Japanese car 2016 European market sales inventory: food and clothing only??
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Japanese car 2016 European market sales inventory: food and clothing only?

As the most famous Japanese "civilian car" brand in the world, Toyota is still the biggest Japanese car in the European market, with 854172 Toyota models sold in Europe in 2016.It's up 5.4 percent from 2015.However, there is still a gap between local manufacturers and European brands. In 2016, European brands ranked 10th in sales, behind BMW and audi.By the way, vw sold 2.22 million.It is also worth mentioning that Toyota hybrid models are sold in the European market. After Volkswagen fell into the emission gate incident in 2015, it is no less an opportunity for Toyota to promote energy-saving hybrid models.Consumers in the European market have not failed to live up to the expectations of Toyota and the world: in 2016, Toyota hybrid cars sold 295,000 cars in the European market, up 41% from 2015.The author thinks this also reflects the strong environmental awareness of europeans to some extent.

The Auris hybrid sold 85,800 vehicles.It is up 9.3 per cent from 2015 and accounts for more than half of Auris sales.As mentioned above, the Auris are the same as the carola's hatchback, so this car can also be considered the carola hybrid hatchback, because it is also equipped with the 1.8 hybrid system.

The compact yaris USES a 1.5-l hybrid system, the same as the 1.5-mix-motor that the Japanese Aqua carries.Yaris hybrid sold 86,579 cars in Europe, up 19.8% from 2015.About yaris hybrid cars have a funny little anecdotes, observe the change before the gauge to dazzle in the cabin, is found in front of the battery is a big place empty out, pay attention to space utilization for Toyota is very incredible, that piece of vacant place is to actually in the gauge yaris CEBA hybrid is mounted motor control unit.

Lexus: up 16.5 percent from 2015, and still can't escape the "soy sauce" fate

Toyota's luxury lexus brand has also been busy in Europe, selling 74,316 cars in 2016, up 16.5% from 2015.In Europe, though, it's still the soy sauce class -- Mercedes sold a million cars in 2016.