New Electric in Our Market
- Mar 23, 2018 -

On March 21, the national A level circuit - shenzhen shajing speed circuit at E passenger riding experience day, new passenger electric E1 R E formal appearance, at the same time, high-profile its associated configuration and technical performance of some of the information is finally unveiled.

Scene, E li electric engineer to share the E1 R research and development experience, to create a more superior performance of electric locomotive, through continuous optimization before ascension has been widespread concern for consumers of E1 series products, E1 R the expectations, come, bring a new pure product quality, technology and experience of character.


Two focus on professional drivers riding experience with skilled driving technology will E1 R clever and powerful performance incisively and vividly, demonstration by E coach fan participation experience has brought enormous popularity and importance.


By ordinary vital riding experience driver, as you can see the E1 R in terms of performance and power than the previous version has larger ascension, 0 to 50 km needs 4.5 s faster, speed can reach 90 km, in particular on the range of standard in 40 km per hour driving range of up to 150 km, at the same time in the experience the speed, long distance endurance has become a major bright spot.


So, what are the features and features of the car?Picture is truth, with data to illustrate, the answer is as a high-end intelligent electric two-wheeled vehicle with mid-range motor, E1 R size: 1750x645x1075mm.


On the battery side, the E1 R standard is equipped with 64V40AH ultra-large capacity core, with a super power of 2560WH, and the maximum range of 65kg is 150km when cycling at 40km/h, eliminating the users' fear of long-distance cycling.The optional 64V30Ah lithium ion battery pack can range up to 110km, which is more cost-effective for consumers on the basis of long-distance cycling.