Situation about Prius family (Aqua)
- Mar 30, 2018 -

 Situation about Prius family (Aqua)


Here is a table for you, and let’s check the date together :-D


As we can see, from 2011 to 2016, there are total 1,370,937 (Wow, it must be the most beautiful in Prius family).

The first year Aqua put into market, there are 361 cars only, and it is amazing that 315,406 sold next year...


It seems that a super market is waiting for us in the next 100 years... should be not, the future is touchable for everybody :-D

And CEBA Battery will always be here to offer our professional service to you :)


Here I would like to share more market share of Aqua hybrid car to you.

Until 2017,

Japan —— 1,154,500

North American —— 192,700

USA 2009 —— 139,682

USA 2010 —— 140,928

USA (until 2017) —— 1.75 million


Hope above info do a whale of help to you :-D

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