The current situation of global lead-acid battery market .
- Apr 02, 2018 -

The current situation of global lead-acid battery market . 

The lead-acid battery is the world's largest production of battery products, production accounted for 50% of total battery, accounting for 70% of rechargeable batteries, even in Europe and the United States and Japan, the world's most developed countries and regions, still large production and use of lead-acid batteries In the lead-acid battery product structure, the starting lead-acid battery accounted for the largest, reached 48%, followed by the dynamic lead-acid battery, the ratio of 28%, standby and energy storage lead-acid battery accounted for 15%.

From the global lead-acid battery capacity scale, China is a major producer, production accounted for around 45% of the world, followed by the United States, production accounted for about 32%, Japan ranked third, accounted for nearly 13%, in addition to Germany and so on. Lead-acid battery sales in the world's leading production enterprises are mainly the United States, Exide Group (including the German Sunshine Company), the Japanese Tang Shallow company, Siendi Company and Japan Panasonic Company.  


From the competition quantity, the industry growth rate, the exit barrier, the homogeneity degree, as well as the competition level, the industry is in the mature stage, the overall quality of the industry is uneven, most enterprises focus on low-end products, play the price war, the existing enterprise competition is fierce.

Chinese huge market potential and cheap resources have always been an important inducement for multinational companies ' direct investment, in recent years the market competition has intensified, the price of raw materials has risen, the multinational companies are facing more intense market competition, and with the promotion of Chinese opening up, the value link of multinational corporations entering China is increasing.