The dealing for Global Lithium-Ion Battery will reach to 428.6 Gwh in 2022
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The dealing for Global Lithium-Ion Battery will reach to 428.6 Gwh in 2022

26th, Mar

Recently, there are reports showing that global lithium-ion battery shipments will reach 400Gwh in 2022.

EVTank and the Ivey Institute of Economic Research released a white paper (2018) for lithium-ion battery industry development in Beijing. The report predicts that by 2022 global shipments of lithium batteries will exceed 400 Gwh, reaching an alarming figure of 428.6 Gwh.


Supporting this conclusion is the 2017 shipment data. According to statistics, global shipments of lithium batteries reached 143.5 Gwh in the past year, among which EV LIB shipments reached 58.1 Gwh, and ESS LIB shipments reached 11.0 Gwh. Other traditions The volume of Small LIB shipments reached 74.4 Gwh. The industry has entered a period of rapid expansion.


With the creation of heroes, China's lithium-ion battery shipments reached 74.8 Gwh in 2017, which already accounted for 52.1% of global shipments. In particular, the shipment of automotive lithium-ion batteries (EV LIBs) reached 38.0 Gwh, which accounted for 65.4% of global EV LIB shipments. The shipment of energy storage lithium batteries (ESS LIB) in the Chinese market reached 4.2Gwh. Chinese companies are playing an increasingly important role in the world's lithium-ion battery stage.

Taking advantage of this industry trend, CEBA is advancing toward the goal of creating a world-leading, large-scale, modern high-tech enterprise.