What are the battery models?
- Jan 19, 2018 -

SC model is also not common, is generally the battery inside batteries, more in power tools and cameras and imported equipment can be seen, the standard SC (flat-head) Battery height 42.0±0.5mm, diameter 22.1±0.2mm.

C model is the number second battery, the use of a lot of standard C (flat-head) Battery height 49.5±0.5mm, diameter 25.3±0.2mm.

D model is a battery, a wide range of uses, civilian, military, special-shaped DC power can find D-type batteries, standard D (flat-head) Battery height 59.0±0.5mm, diameter 32.3±0.2mm.

n model is not common, the use is also less, standard N (flat head) Battery height 28.5±0.5mm, diameter 11.7±0.2mm.

F model batteries, electric bicycle, power battery, a new generation of products, a great substitute for lead-acid maintenance-free battery trends, are generally used as battery core. Standard F (flat head) Battery height 89.0±0.5mm, diameter 32.3±0.2m.