What is battery with pins?
- Apr 03, 2018 -

What is battery with pins? 

Battery with pins also called battery with tags or soldered battery by people, it is called PIN battery by Hong Kong and Tai Wan.

Usually small electronic or digital products are used to store power supply button cells to be welded to the circuit board .(PCB), There is a weldable strip on the surface of the button cell.

The button cell surface is usually stainless steel and cannot be soldered directly.

So the manufacturer will spot the nickel-plated or zinc-plated solder on the button cell to facilitate the use of the button-battery factory for soldering.

Button battery welding foot is more complicated, the main reason is that the button battery is too thin, and the anode lithium film is directly connected to the battery cathode shell, so it is very easy for the battery to be damaged or the welds can easily fall off.


At present, the good welding pin battery factory in China is CEBA battery., which basically solves the phenomenon of button battery false welding, virtual welding and voltage drop.

In order to meet the needs of different customers, the battery has a high-capacity battery.Welding process must be welded with point welding.Insulation with professional insulation.In case the battery is installed in a short circuit.


Do not stack together to avoid short circuit.The anode and cathode are insulated in storage.Avoid wet, direct sunlight, no rain, ventilation and dry avoid direct sunlight.

The temperature should be -30~35 dergee.


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