Why did the new energy vehicle Choose Ni-MH battery group?
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Why did the new energy vehicle Choose Ni-MH battery group? 

With the development of new energy vehicles, the battery safety technology of new energy vehicles has been paid more and more attention. There are three types of batteries used in hybrid buses: lead-acid batteries, Ni-MH batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. The quality of lead acid battery is heavy, can not be quickly filled and deep, the cycle life is short, the lithium-ion battery has high current performance, and the price is higher, there is safety problem. So, Ni-MH battery is the first choice for the hybrid bus. Let's take a look at the specific advantages of Ni-MH battery 

1, Ni-MH battery safe and reliable .

2, Ni-MH battery has a good fast charging performance .

3, Ni-MH battery has good low-temperature performance .

(1)low-temperature discharge, Ni-MH battery using alkaline electrolyte aqueous solution, the lowest can -40℃ discharge, -20℃ under 2C ~ 3 C Discharge Lithium ion battery using organic electrolyte solution, low temperature resistance increased rapidly, 0 ℃ performance has greatly attenuated, can not meet the normal use of -10℃ under the requirements. 

(2)Low-temperature charge low-temperature fast-filling Ni-MH battery can be -40℃ charge,-30 ℃ above can be 1C fast charge,-20 ℃ or above can be 3C or 2C fast charge. Lithium-ion battery can not be recharged under -5℃, otherwise it will easily lead to safety risk. 

4, Ni-MH battery has a good environmental protection and recyclable. Ni-MH battery does not contain toxic substances, the main components of nickel, rare earths, high recovery value (with residual value), recovery is small, the basic can be all recycled, sustainable development