British Media: European Companies Want To Recover Lost Ground To Accelerate The Construction Of Battery Factories Against China And Japan
- May 14, 2018 -

British media: European companies want to recover lost ground to accelerate the construction of battery factories against China and Japan

British media said that Swedish start-up company Northvolt, which plans to produce lithium-ion batteries, announced on April 27 that it will spend 100 million euros to build a demonstration production line and research facility in the Swedish city of Vasteras. The company’s founder and CEO, Peter Carlsson, said that this facility is “the first step in our long journey”: building a factory with a lithium-ion battery capacity of 32 gigawatt-hours, which dominates the battery race. Asian giants are courteous.

According to a report on the “Financial Times” website on April 30, Northvolt is one of the 80 stakeholders in the European Battery Alliance. The alliance is the vice chairman of the European Commission responsible for energy issues Marosh Shevovich last year's initiative to set up, aimed at accelerating the EU battery production.

Officials believe that battery technology is a strategic requirement in Europe. Europe has not yet successfully built a number of digital technology giants like the United States. Its early leading position in solar panel production has been surpassed by Chinese companies.

According to the report, if one of the most important industries in Europe wants to get out of the shadow of the public "diesel door" scandal and preserve the core position of the region in terms of industrial infrastructure, the development of automotive battery technology is particularly important.

Sevkovich said: "If the internal combustion engine is the car's most valuable component, then the future is battery and software."

Electrification of transport is an important part of the EU's implementation of the Paris climate agreement. Some European cities with worrying air quality are considering banning traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Batteries also need to be used to store energy because the power generation industry is rapidly discarding fossil fuels and more dependent on intermittent renewable energy sources.