CEBA Brand
- Mar 28, 2018 -

CEBA is the most modern equipment in China's battery industry, with the strongest scientific and technological power, and the production of alkaline zinc-manganese battery is the first in China. 

On the weekend of February 10th.The reporter walked into CEBA battery co., LTD., and saw several production lines of the company are operating at full capacity. The employees are very so excited with great passion, and the production lines are busy.

"As the Spring Festival approached, orders continued and the market demand was very strong, so we gave up the weekend and worked overtime to produce it."The head of the CEBA workshop by said.

In the China market, CEBA has been the leading manufacturer of the "quality, sales, economic benefits and labor productivity" of alkaline zinc-manganese battery for a few consecutive years.

CEBA general manager Nemo said:” Scientific and technological innovation is the inexhaustible motive force for the development of the company.

Adapt to new market demand and expand sales channels, CEBA also actively pandering to the channel development trend, quickly entering new channels,such as:B2B, B2C etc..

In order to thanks for all of CEBA customers, CEBA are participating in alibaba's shopping festival, welcome to CEBA’s Alibaba website: