CEBA Breaks Through The Original Technology, The Waterproof Lithium Battery Can Provide The Benefits For Customers.
- Apr 02, 2018 -

CEBA breaks through the original technology, the waterproof lithium battery can provide the benefits for customers.


"Security" is one of CEBA most prominent impressions of the industry.In the demand of "safety", "waterproof" security has always been the main pain point for electric vehicle users;Many electric cars break down on rainy days because of poor waterproof performance.CEBA waterproof Z finally broke through the original technology, and can be praised by the industry, CEBA also carried out in the first two years of show "waterproof" show, but this time the tianjin exhibition waterproof show more amplifier is doing more creative, the whole hall peripheral designs a random effect, the rain from the sky, the appearance of the original electric net a completely torn down and left frame, line and battery, the vehicle is surrounded by the rain, but still normal flash lights, motor is still running, fully embodies the characteristics of waterproof CEBA lithium battery.