Congratulations To Our New Exclusive Distributor!
- May 12, 2018 -

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Congratulations to our new exclusive distributor!

CEBA is expanding into market in the fastest way.

Under mutual support between CEBA and our customer, we granted our customer with remarkable quality and advanced products to enter a market. If you think hybrid car battery is our most competitive product then you are wrong :-D


Hybrid car battery is only one of our competitive products, as CEBA always catch the future market and our professional R&D team will do well to explore more in battery area while implementing the latest trends. Product is our merit, true! But vision is the most important, we have a reliable trust in this.


What is CEBA again?

CEBA Brand started its journey with making military use equipment while focusing on producing top quality products and offering professional service to all of our dear customers.

Also we focus on each possible market that grants the essentials of the future. What we do is shaped by a 10 years experience in the market. Follow CEBA to be a part of our innovative path leading to the top positions in battery industry.


Whenever you need, CEBA is here!