Full-Disclosure Of CEBA Battery
- Mar 27, 2018 -

After video in pre-news, CEBA Batteryd like to share some image of our fresh design battery to you as well.


CB-14.4V-1.jpg       CB-14.4V-2.jpg


  14.4v 6500mah-G2-3.jpg      14.4v 6500mah -G2-1.jpg



CEBA fresh design can replacement directly in full pack.

It is amazing that it go into international market well after 3 years sales.


And CEBA Battery not only have all accessories for Prius only, also for Camry, Lexus...

Meanwhile, CEBA R&D department is working for more model to occupy the market share better...


What CEBA Battery say is We win when our customer win. :)