How To Differentiate Alkaline And Carbon Batteries
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Some pusher use the consumer's lack of expertise in battery, using ordinary carbon batteries or even mercury batteries to impersonate alkaline batteries to damage consumer interests, how to identify? The method is "one look, two weigh, three touch":

A look: The commonly used 5th, 7th alkaline batteries used LR6, LR03 to identify models, carbon batteries are R6, R03 identification, no "L".

Second: Alkaline battery weight than carbon battery weight, such as 5th alkali electricity each weighs about 23 grams, and 5th carbon power each weight about 15 grams.

Third touch: in alkaline battery negative extreme with hand touch or nail scraping pressure will have a circle of grooves, and carbon battery here is not.

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