How To Discharge Lithium Battery?
- Feb 05, 2018 -

How to discharge lithium battery?

Lithium batteries in the discharge process is balanced, in theory, the lithium battery discharge should pay attention to the discharge rate and depth of discharge.


Discharge depth is the ratio of discharge capacity and nominal capacity, the best reference in practice is the voltage reference, how to discharge the lithium battery in order to make the depth of discharge more scientific? The general standard is: a lithium battery discharged to between 2.75V and 3V can charge the battery, because less than 2.75V is prone to charging the battery taboo "overdraft", over-discharge, from the internal structure, First, it will cause over-volatilization of the electrolyte, the second is the excessive reaction of the negative electrode of the lithium battery makes its dielectric film changes caused by the loss of desilting capacity, the formation of a permanent loss of capacity.


Another can effectively explain how the lithium battery discharge parameters is the discharge rate, the discharge rate can also be converted into discharge current, for example, a 1800mAh battery discharge rate of 0.1C, the discharge current is 180mAh, the discharge current is usually small is better . Therefore, the lithium battery discharge, the depth of discharge from the point of view, we should pay attention to nutritional supplement; from the discharge current point of view, we should pay attention to water flow. Because, lithium batteries have no memory effect of other secondary batteries, so do not care how the discharge of lithium batteries can activate the issue.


Lithium battery is idle, the actual discharge phenomenon, called self-discharge, then, in the process of self-discharge, how to discharge lithium battery? There are two manifestations: First, the negative drive lithium ion re-embedded into the positive electrode, the second is the dissolution of the electrode, that is, the cathode ions on the lithium reduction reaction. The discharge process that occurs in both forms is reversible, and most of the lithium battery capacity lost from self-discharge can be recharged. From the change in the value of self-discharge point of view, how the lithium battery discharge? This is related to the ambient temperature of the lithium battery. In general, the self-discharge rate is 10% per month at high temperature (55 ° C) and only 2 ~ 3% per month at room temperature.



In theory, the issue of how to discharge a lithium battery is to figure out the factors that affect the discharge of a lithium battery. In practice, how to discharge a lithium battery translates to discharging time, discharge precautions, and other specific operations. Strengthen the understanding of "lithium battery how to discharge" two aspects of knowledge, help the battery more long-term use.