How To Properly Install Storage Battery Pack?
- Apr 25, 2018 -

How to properly install storage battery pack? 

1.Storage battery pack is an independent and reliable operation of power supply, it is not affected by AC power, even in the whole plant power outages and busbar short circuit, can still ensure continuous and reliable work.

 2. Small photovoltaic system storage battery installation location should be as close as possible to the solar cell and controller; medium and large photovoltaic power generation systems, batteries are best equipped with controllers, inverters and AC distribution cabinets. Installation location to ensure good ventilation, drainage convenient, to prevent high temperature, the ambient temperature should be kept between 10~25℃. 

3.The storage battery and the ground should take the insulation measure, mat plank or other insulation, lest the battery and the ground short-circuit and discharge. If the battery number is high, it can be installed on the battery-specific bracket, and the stent should be reliable grounding. 

4.Battery installation end, to measure the total voltage and single voltage battery, the single voltage size should be equal. When wiring, distinguish honest negative pole, ensure wiring quality. 

5.The battery pole and wiring must be in close contact, and the pole and connection point coated with Vaseline oil film to prevent corrosion and rust caused by poor contact.