Volkswagen Group's Next $64 Billion Lithium Battery Big Order Full-strength Electric Car
- May 16, 2018 -

Volkswagen Group's next $64 billion lithium battery big order Full-strength electric car

According to reports by Australian media recently, Volkswagen Group has announced that it has ordered US$64 billion (about 405.5 billion renminbi) lithium batteries, doubling its total investment, for use in its newly developed electric vehicle series of various brands, thereby alleviating the negative impact of the diesel door incident. .

Volkswagen's newly appointed CEO Dee announced at the group's annual meeting not long ago that the company plans to sell 3 million pure electric vehicles each year until 2025. Volkswagen’s Audi brand plans to mix electric and plug-in electricity before this deadline. The annual sales of motor vehicles reached 800,000. Now, several brands under the Volkswagen Kingdom have begun production of electric vehicles. Like Audi, the new electric car e-tron will be released at the end of August this year, and Porsche is also preparing to launch the Mission E pure electric coupe, which will compete with Tesla Modal S.

Although electric vehicles currently have a small market share, their prospects are limitless. Because European buyers have long been interested in diesel vehicles, coupled with the efforts to ease the global climate change crisis and improve air quality, European governments and China are committed to the development of electric vehicles, and also introduced a series of preferential policies to encourage consumers to buy.

In order to expand the market, the public will also launch the ID pure electric vehicle series, the first golf-grade pure electric hatchback that will be available in 2020.