Waste Battery Recycling Process
- May 07, 2018 -

Waste Battery Recycling Process

There are roughly the following points in the recycling process of used batteries:

1. Classification: The used battery can be smashed, the zinc shell and the battery bottom iron can be stripped, and the copper cap and graphite rod can be taken out. For the remaining black material, the mixture of manganese dioxide and ammonium chloride is used as the battery core. After the above substances are collectively collected and processed for processing, we can get some useful substances. The ink sticks are washed and dried to be used as electrodes.

2. Zinc pellets: Wash the stripped zinc shells and place them in a cast iron pan. After heating, heat and hold for 2 hours. Remove the scum from above, pour out for cooling, and then drip on the iron plate. , and wait until the solidification can get zinc particles.

3. Recycling copper: We can flatten the copper cap and then wash it with hot water, then add a certain amount of 10% sulfuric acid boiled for 30 minutes to remove the surface of the oxide layer, remove and wash, drying Copper sheets can be obtained.

4. Recovery of ammonium chloride: We put the black material into the cylinder, then add 60oC warm water to stir for one hour, this will make all the ammonium chloride dissolved in water, static, filtration, washing filter residue 2 times, collecting mother liquor .

5. Recovery of manganese dioxide: We will filter the filter residue washed 3 times, filtered, filter cake placed in a pot and evaporated to remove a little carbon and other organic matter, and then into the water to fully stir for 30 minutes, filtered, The filtered cake is then dried at 100-110oC so that we can obtain manganese dioxide.