What Affects UPS Battery Life?
- May 03, 2018 -

What Affects UPS Battery Life? 

1.Temperature has a great effect on the natural aging process of the battery. The experimental data show that the temperature is 5 degrees Celsius and the battery life drops by 10%, so the UPS should be designed to keep the battery as warm as possible. All online and backup/online ups are more calorific than the standby or online interactive ups (so the fan is installed), which is an important reason for the relatively long replacement cycle of the standby or online interactive ups battery. 

2.Battery charger ups Very important part of the battery charging conditions on the battery life has a great impact. If the battery is always in constant pressure or "floating" type of electrical charging state, the UPS battery life can be increased to the maximum extent. Battery charging can slow down the natural aging process of the battery, so UPS should keep the battery charged regardless of whether it is running or shutting down.

3.Battery life and serial number of the original battery, the higher the battery voltage, the faster the aging. UPS capacity of a certain time, the design should be as far as possible to minimize the battery voltage, so that the UPS battery life is longer, for the battery voltage, should choose the number of low voltage of the original battery series battery, do not select the number of Low-voltage batteries in the original battery series. 

4. Ideally, in order to extend the UPS battery life, the battery should always be kept in the "floating" charge or constant pressure filling state.