What Are The Factors That Affect The Battery Life Of EV?
- Apr 20, 2018 -

What are the factors that affect the battery life of EV?

Compared with other means of transport, electric cars have the advantage of too much faster than the bike, comfortable, save money, than a car and save trouble, high efficiency, and most importantly, cheap, low cost, no need to spend high price to maintain, without a driver's license, so electric vehicles to hit China in such a short time.However, in the process of electric vehicle use, there is a problem that consumers pay close attention to, which is the battery life of electric vehicle.

As we all know, ordinary batteries in the service life of two years or so commonly, and quality is good, maintain good in three to five years, but in fact, many families used in electric vehicle battery never even use fixed number of year, are almost halfway waste.And because of that, there are many external factors.So what are the factors that affect the battery life of electric cars?

1. Insufficient charging.

Some young people don't pay attention to maintenance of electric vehicle batteries, when using always when not plugged in charge, and use it every time you straight down, no matter whether a full charge, use up to refill, looks like is very convenient, but in fact the harm of the battery is very big.And the battery is always inadequate, and over time, the internal chemical reaction is inadequate, leading to fewer capacitors and fewer natural trips.

2. Heavy load.

A ride electric vehicles than body weight light heavy people ride electric consumption capacity is much lower, so in terms of charging, the charging times tend to be less than the latter, to achieve a certain number are discarded, therefore, also suggest you had better not here often load is too large, the best approved scope, so that can let the battery use longer.

3. Over-discharge and recharging.

This is suitable for other charged products, but it is not suitable for electric car batteries.Because the electric car battery cannot over discharge, otherwise it will damage the surface activity of the battery, causing the chemical reaction to become a problem, thus reducing the capacitance.

4. Use the old and new batteries.

Some of the batteries used in the family are combined-type batteries, which are often used up or can be used.In this condition, it is advisable not to use the old and new batteries, otherwise, other batteries will be damaged, and there will be safety hazards.