What Is Overdischarge And What Is The Impact On Battery Performance?
- Jan 12, 2019 -

What is overdischarge and what is the impact on battery performance?

After the battery has discharged the internal stored power, after the voltage reaches a certain value, the discharge will continue to cause overdischarge, and the discharge cutoff voltage is usually determined according to the discharge current.

0.2C-2C discharge is generally set to 1.0V / support, 3C or above, such as 5C or 10C discharge is set to 0.8V / support, battery over discharge may have catastrophic consequences for the battery, especially high current over discharge, or Repeated overdischarge has a greater impact on the battery.

In general, over-discharge will increase the internal pressure of the battery, and the reversibility of the positive and negative active materials will be destroyed. Even if the charging is only partially restored, the capacity will be significantly attenuated.