When Purchasing Zinc-manganese Batteries
- Mar 12, 2019 -

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing zinc-manganese batteries

1 Select the battery as needed. For example, for flashlights, walkmans, BP machines, electric toys, etc., which require high current output, it is best to use an alkaline zinc-manganese battery (L). For ordinary electric power requirements such as radios, clocks, etc., use ordinary zinc-manganese batteries (S, C, P).

2 Pay attention to the performance and price ratio of the battery, don't blindly believe in foreign brands. In fact, the performance price ratio of many domestic famous brand batteries is higher than that of similar foreign products.

3 Pay attention to the storage period of the battery. Ordinary zinc-manganese batteries have a shelf life of 2 years. When purchasing, you should choose a product that is recently produced.