NI-CD AAA 100mAh Battery

1. Product Descriptions Product Name: Ni-CD AAA 100mAh Battery 2. Attention To The Storage Of Batteries ● Please store the battery in a cool, dry place. ● Long term storage (for example, more than 6 months) should be charged 3 times with a small current to restore the saturation capacity. ● When...

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NI-CD AAA 100mAh Battery

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Product Descriptions

Product Name: Ni-CD AAA 100mAh Battery



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Ni-CD Battery

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Attention To The Storage Of Batteries

● Please store the battery in a cool, dry place.

● Long term storage (for example, more than 6 months) should be charged 3 times with a small current to restore the saturation capacity.

● When the battery is full or half full, do not store a large number of batteries.

● Do not mix metal objects with batteries in storage or transport of batteries to prevent accidental short circuits


Product Features

High energy density, cheap, wide operating temperature range, excellent over-charge/over-discharge protection, stable discharge voltage, long life cycle of more than 500 times


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Q. How long is your trial period for samples.

A. Two weeks (14 days). 

Q. What is your sample policy.

A. We send the samples for free yet the delivery fees must be covered by the customer.

Q. How can we pay?

A. You can pay via T/T, PayPal and Western Union. 

Q. Do you offer a warranty?

A. We offer 1 year of warranty for our products. 

Q. What is your guaranteed shelf life for batteries?

A. 10 years of shelf life for Ultra Digital Alkaline, 5 years for Super Alkaline, 3 years for Extra Heavy Duty and 2 years for Super Heavy Duty batteries.

Nickel-cadmium Battery Charging

The NiCd battery is charged at a constant current in the range of 0 05C to more than 1C. Some low-cost chargers use absolute temperature to terminate charging. Although simple and low cost, this method of charge termination is not accurate. A better way is to stop charging by detecting a voltage drop when the battery is full. The -OV method is most effective for NiCd batteries with a charging rate of C .5C or higher. The -OV charge termination detection should be combined with the battery temperature detection because the aged batteries and mismatched batteries may reduce OV.

By detecting the temperature rise rate (dT/dt), a more accurate full charge detection can be achieved. This full charge detection terminates better than the battery at a fixed temperature. A charge termination method based on a combination of OT/dt and -OV prevents battery overcharge and extends battery life.

Fast charging improves charging efficiency. At a 1C charging rate, the efficiency can be close to 1.1 (91%), and the time to fill an empty battery is a little over 1 hour. When charging at 0.1C, the efficiency drops to 1.4 (71%) and the charging time is about 14 hours.

Because the NiCd battery has a power reception level close to 100%, almost all of the energy is absorbed during 70% of the start of charging, and the battery remains unheated. Ultra-fast chargers use this feature to charge the battery to 70% in a matter of minutes, charging at a few C current without heat generation. After charging to 70%, the battery continues to charge at a lower rate until the battery is full. Finally charge is terminated with a turbulent flow of 0.02C to 0 1C.

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