Multi Function Power Bank

Multi Function Power Bank

1. Product Descriptions Name of Product: Multi Function Power Bank Product Model:CP007 Capacity: Lithium Polymer Battery 3000mAh Working Temperature:-10 ℃ --40 ℃ Dimension:80*65*29mm Net Weight:120g Product Type: Power Bank Battery 2. Product Certifications 3. Product Applications Mobile Phone...

Product Details

Product Descriptions

Name of Product: Multi Function Power Bank

Product Model:CP007

Capacity: Lithium Polymer Battery 3000mAh

Working Temperature:-10℃--40℃


Net Weight:120g

Product Type: Power Bank Battery

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Product Certifications



Product Applications

Mobile Phone

Electronic Products

Hand-held gaming device



A- Mobile power output voltage range, while some devices have a USB interface, but also require you to use mobile power supply. However, you should pay attention to your device's input voltage range, the universal mobile power voltage output range is 5.3 -0.5v. If your device requires that the input voltage range is not within the range of your mobile power, it is not advisable to use mobile power to power your device to ensure the life of your mobile power.


B-Mobile power supply will be equipped with many different adapter, the choice of their own phone and want to correspond to the connector, the connection device can be charged. Of course, these interfaces are only commonly used concentration, in general the effect of using the original phone accessories is the best, such as iPhone5, if convenient, you can use the original data cable for device charging.


C- The placement of mobile power environment, all kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in a dry, less humid air environment, and the humidity of the environment for the preservation of various types of electrical appliances are unfavorable, so, for your mobile power use Life, please try to put the mobile power supply in a dry environment.


Our Company

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Production Process

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Shipping and Packing

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Q. What is your sample policy.

A. We send the samples for free yet the delivery fees must be covered by the customer.


Q. How long does it take for the production?

A. Around 20-25 days.


Q. What is your lead time?

A. Around 2-3 days for samples, 7-20 working days for production.


Q. How do we place an order?

A. Please kindly send us an email specifying the items, quantity or other specifications to place an order.


Q. What is the inquiry reply time?

A. We will be replying your inquiry ASAP within 6 hours and we kindly remind you that our local office time is set according to GMT +8 Beijing Time.



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