Spare Battery For FS1800D Cordless Drill

High Quality 2000mAh 18V NI-CD Replacement Power Tool Battery for Black & Decker HPB18 244760-00 A1718 A18

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2000mAh Spare Battery for FS1800D Cordless Drill

Product Details

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Suitable for Other Power Tool Models

HPG1800 HPG18K-2 NHT518 NPP2018 NPT3118 NS118 NST1810 NST2018 PS182KB PS18K2 XTC183BK XTC18BK   FIRESTORMFS1800CS FS1800D FS1800D-2 FS1800ID FS1800JS FS1800RS FS1802D FS1802S FS1806CSL FS18CS FS18HV FS18ID FS18PS FS18PSK FS18RS FSX1800HD FSX18HD Replace B&D origial battery: FSB18,BD1834L, BD-1834L,B-8317,BPT1049,FSB 14,A18 ,HPB18,FS180BX,FS18BX,244760-00,FS18JV,FS18SBX

Capacity: 2.0Ah/2000mAh


Cell Type: Ni-CD/Ni-MH 

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