Battery For P8268 Motorola Walkie Talkie

li-ion 7.4v 1800mah for motorola walkie-talkie batteries DP3401/3400,XPR6350/6300

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Li-ion Battery for P8268 Motorola Walkie Talkie

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1. A battery with a rated capacity of 1000 mAh is discharged at a rate of 0.5. What is the discharge current? What is the rate of discharge?

Answer: The discharge current is 500 mAh, and the discharge rate is 2 hours.

2. How does the battery output power to the outside?

Answer: When the battery outputs power outward, the external circuit is electronically conductive, relying on the directional movement of electrons to transfer the charge; between the two poles inside the battery is ion-conducting, relying on the directional movement of ions to transfer the charge; on the electrode interface, It relies on its electrochemical reaction to transfer the charge, ensuring that the current passes through the interface of the electrode.

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