Repalcement Two Way Radio Batteries FNB-V57

Replacement Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack for Vertex VX160/180/210/400/800

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Ni-MH 1600mAh Repalcement Two Way Radio Batteries FNB-V57

Product Details

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NI-CD 7.5V/1100mAh

NI-MH 7.5V/1600mAh

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1. Why should the sealed hydrogen-hydrogen battery be strictly controlled?

Answer: The amount of electrolyte is controlled so that oxygen can be easily transmitted from the positive electrode to the negative electrode. If the amount of liquid is too much, the electrode is in a submerged state, the diffusion of oxygen is blocked, and oxygen is difficult to contact with the active material of the negative electrode. Normal operation; if the amount of electrohydraulic is too small, it will also affect battery performance and life.

2. What is the role of the explosion-proof cover in the sealed battery?

Answer: The explosion-proof cover used by the company is re-closed, which is used for sealing, and in order to prevent the accidental high-voltage danger inside the battery, the safety device is installed. Therefore, when the explosion-proof cover is spot-welded during the sealing process, the vent hole on the chassis should not be sealed. Die to avoid danger.

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